Test Process Improvement

Meeting the challenges of testing with existing resources by improving the test process


More efficient and more effective test processes give you shorter test cycles and a more accurate assessment of the quality of the product under test. This can be achieved with existing resources by improving the test processes.

Knowing how to improve a current test process relies on understanding its maturity and knowing which aspects need improvement and how to do so. A variety of approaches to this are available, including test process improvement models. Some of these approaches also help with organising the steps to be taken for an optimal and controlled improvement. Using proven, practical techniques helps provide clear and focused improvement actions.

As an independent and unbiased source, Grove will support you with improving your test process. Meeting the challenges of testing by making better use of existing resources today.

Test process assessment

Test Process Improvement typically starts with a Test Process Assessment, which is tailored to the size of the organisation. Reviewing test documentation and interviewing key staff at all levels gives an insight into the maturity of the current test process. The aim is to identify important strengths and weaknesses thereby identifying opportunities for both short and long term improvements.

The improvement process

Following the Test Process Assessment is the improvement process. This is designed to implement the suggested improvement activities effectively and efficiently. Management of change plays a major role in this process.

Grove can act as the process architect and provide management support as well as detailed test support to the improvement project, in order to establish the improvements within the organisation. Process architecture, management support and detailed test support are essential aspects of the improvement process. Grove is able to provide these.

The representative of the customer will play an important role in the implementation of the improvement requirements. The amount of effort required for the implementation depends on the scope and the outcome of the assessment.

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